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Our tax services are designed to ensure that your company prepares and maintains timely and accurate tax records and reports. We are experienced in handling corporate and personal tax returns and offer affordable consulting services to help you manage your business. We also provide accounting and business services. Our tax services include

Corporate Tax Services

By identify opportunities for our clients to arrange their affairs in the most tax efficient manner, we offer various corporate tax services, namely

Personal Tax Services

There are numerous exemptions and credits you may be eligible for that may apply to you personally or to your business. We will assist you with your

Tax Planning Services

Different business entities have different accounting needs, and these needs change at varying stages of a business. Without strategic financial planning to manage the business's financial wealth, tax liabilities may become an issue. Our servcies are designed to

Tax Audits and Appeals

We have represented our clients in dealings with the Canada Revenue Agency on various tax matters, such as tax audits and appeals. We will help you overcome uncomfortable tax concerns and let you focus on your business by

Tax Credits T661

The Canadian government gives away well over $1.5 billion each year to companies (and other taxpayers, too) who do research and development work - which, by definition, means technology companies. This is called the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program or SRED for short. We can help your company receive a refundable investment tax credit (ITC) of 35% of qualifying expenditures, to a maximum of $2 million of expenditures

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